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I picked up this Target Alpha at the November 2008 auction in Lapeer, Michigan.   The price was good and I knew it would be easy to fix and sell.  After all, I had already owned 2 and my friend Dave has one so I have experience working on it.

Dave and I were taking the game apart for transport after I bought it and the guy who sold it came over and thanked me for buying it.  He mentioned his neighbor had given it to him and he had it in his garage for a while before he decided to sell it.  He also said that he had a very difficult time getting it into his truck to bring it to the auction.  He was very surprised to see us unscrew the 4 head bolts and take the top off.  Can you imagine this guy trying to load this game into a truck with the head attached to the body?  It is amazing that he didn't break something.

It took me 2 weeks to restore this game.  The hardest part was taking all the tree branches out of the score wheels.  I have no idea how they all got in there, but there were twigs all inside the wheels and contacts.

I ended up trading the game to my sister-in-law for the Hot Shot  that I had sold to her a few years back.  I had a buyer for the Hot Shot lined up in Chicago.  It was the brother of the person who bought my OXO.  When they drove over to pick up the OXO, they tried to talk me out of my  Big Shot which I would not sell because it was my first game so I worked out the trade and everyone was happy.



Here is the one I have:  Pete's Target Alpha
Here are pictures of when I had  2 Target Alphas
Here is the one Dave's: Dave's Target Alpha


























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