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Target Alpha


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I searched for this game for over 4 years. Here is how I found it. About a week after I started my new job, I took two customers to a Red Wing game. Somehow, the talk turned to pinball. Jim told me that he had a Haunted House that worked except for the sound, and an old mechanical with lots of drop targets. He said there was a long row across the top and two sets near the bottom. I was racking my brains - High Hand? The he started describing the Space Theme. I asked if it was a Target Alpha and obviously it was. He was willing to sell it so I bought it in February of 2002! While I was over there, I fixed the sound on his Haunted House. I can't claim to be a genius (just a little smarter than Jim ! ) since all I did was hook up the speaker wire that came off! That was good for a laugh. I'm sure Jim will call me ready to unload that Haunted House sooner or later since I've been a good guy and helped him find the Pole Position II he was looking for.
Right Jim?

The game needed to be completely shopped and I fixed a few things that were broken. It's in great shape and it is one of my favorites.

For a brief time, I had another Target Alpha.  Here are some pictures and the store of the Target Alpha that I sold.  Here are some pictures of the two games together:  Target Alpha Pair.

Dave has one of these too! Here's a picture of his game and his story:
Dave's Target Alpha


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