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Here are some of my favorite pinball links:

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On the left is an image of my electrical meter. It is an absolutely indispensable tool if you are going to repair your pinball machines. Before I started this hobby, this meter was just a fancy battery checker for me. I have learned to use it properly over the last 10 years. As you can see, it has seen better days. I have dropped it a few times and the glass is cracked and taped on with electrical tape. Also, one of the ends of the plugs has broken off and I have had to tape on a cheater wire with an alligator clip. Yeah, I should upgrade and I can afford it, but you have to understand that this is a special meter: Dave’s Dad gave this to me so it has sentimental value. Maybe he will get me a new one someday. I suppose there is a small chance he might stumble onto this page and feel sorry for me. Maybe then . . . .

Don't forget to visit my Paperwork page if you are looking for manuals or schematics. I have an excellent collection and I am always happy to sell or trade. - Main site on Internet for pinball repair - all types of machines. Great job Clay. - This is the one I use for repairing EM machines. There are lots of color pictures explaining how to fix the games.  The section on Williams, Bally, Gottlieb startup sequence problems is real helpful. - This page is a fantastic resource for instructions on how to restore playfields, backglasses, and cabinets.  Also some info on rebuilding pop bumpers and flippers. - "Pinball Palace is for those who seek the ultimate game room, share a passion for pinball, or otherwise  just enjoy collecting neat stuff."  - Your guide to pinball in Belgium - Site by Aeneas Verhé'
French Pinball Pages.htm - This is the first French pinball page. There are lots of flyer and backglass images.
Pinballers - A nice pinball site in the UK.  Pins Anon also hosts the yearly UK Pinball Show , a UK pinball classified site, and a magazine called Pinball Today - Federico Croci's Italian Pinball Page - The first Italian association for collectors or simply players of pinball and coin-op video games - This is Russ Jensen's page!  Lots of great articles.
Mr. Pinball's Home Page - This is Mr. Pinball's home page.  Lots of good stuff and links.  The best part of this page is the free classifieds - buy and sell pages for machines and parts.  Check it out.  I have a couple of ads posted. The Tip Archive is a big help too. - Matt's site is Cosmic pinball and he is located in eastern PA in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  He buys/sells pinball machines and other coin operated games.  
Pinball - French site.  Scans of almost all pinball flyers.
Shivasite  - Pinball site hosted by Paul Sanderson which is dedicated to Pinball. It includes downloads, manuals, emulators and other interesting diversions associated with pinball machines.  Also visual pinball computer games for download. - This is a site with lots and lots of good flyers.
news: - This is the best newsgroup on the net. Check it out! The FAQ is here:
General Pinball pages & links. - You can also find here the Rec.Games.Pinball FAQ here.
Jeff's Wiles Home Page - Jeff's page has some great restoration info and history on his games. Soccer, El Dorado,Pro Football, Big Indian, 300, Hot Shot, and Jumping Jack. - Web site for Marco Specialties Inc where you can buy parts.
Gameroom magazine website - Web site for game room magazine. pinball, juke, slot, video. There is a page that lists all upcoming shows and auctions.
Guide to reproducing plastics , The King of Payne  These sites have info for reproducting plastics.
Cam's Coffee Shop - This is Bob Cameron's page. He has some excellent quality pictures and a nice link page.
Pinball spinner and drop target art - Spinner scans - Great site
Pinball game web index site - The main feature and focus is on pinball games themselves. There are also links to many other things related to pinball that can be found on the World Wide Web. Great link page too! - Steve's webpage has lots of good info about pinball machines.  Many pictures and some good technical help information.
Pinball Brasil - Pinball Brasil is the first Pinball brazilian site , dedicated to pinball collectors and enthusiasts . See, buy or sell most popular pinball machines , like antiques Bally, Williams, Gottlieb and Taito (produced in Brazil many years ago) .
flipper-pinball-fan - A pinball site made by Leon in Belgium. Very well done. Nice pictures and and lots of helpful repair information. - High quality scans of flyers – well organized - Belgian pinball site - flyers – no scans, sale & trade - Harold Balde’s page – Lot’s of pinball stuff - The Chicagoland show is held once a year at the pheasant run expo center. Technically, it's Antique Coin Operated Machines. They usually have some pinballs and it's a fun show to go to. - Yearly expo in Chicago.
Ken's Custom Scorecards for your machines - Lots of great flyer scans - Pinball machines for sale  - Graphic Pinball Reproductions - Service and tech help. Pachinko games too - Internet pinball data base. Searchable by machine. Pics, flyers & info about almost any game ever made.  - A nice site with some pictures of good games.

I made these up just for fun. They look pretty good in a game as temporary replacements for cracked ones. I print them out and laminate them. You can download it by right clicking and then saving to disk.


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