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Hey - Elvis had one of these too!

I bought this Knockout at the Chicago Expo auction in 1997.  Dave Dave bought a Chicago Coin  Red Baron from a Dealer.

It wasn't working. I had to shop it inside and out, and it works 100% now. It has a low game count and the playfield is nearly flawless. I had to flatten the plastics on this one. Thanks to the RGP for tips on that task. This game is stored at my father in laws house. In exchange, he lets me keep his dolly.

Did you know that Elvis had a Knockout in his Racquetball building?  See below for the pictures from the Graceland flyer.


1997 Trip to the Expo:

Little Chief  (auction)
Yankee Baseball


Fiesta (2)  (auction)
Jack in the Box


Here are some pictures of Graceland from the flyer.   Me and Elvis were close. That's why I have the game.

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pete03.jpg (1043 bytes)