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Pete's Excellent Home Page came through in a big way on January 15, 2004.  I received an e-mail from someone wanting to sell a Target Alpha that had been in their basement since 1984.  They were moving to Florida.  She found me through a Google Search for Target Alpha.    

Small world . . . it turns out they only lived about 35 minutes from my house.  My van was not available because it was  having some test parts installed at work.  Hopefully those parts will work!  Dave drove me over in his Honda Odyssey with the Garmin Street Pilot III giving the directions.  

I knew the minute I saw the game that I would buy it.  After a 1 minute negotiation, we took it apart and carried it out.  We had to drive back in a snowstorm, but it was well worth the trip.  This game will be sold to my friend Joe who sold it to someone else after 2 years.  I wonder where it is today.

Of all the Gottlieb EM games I have ever played, this has got to be my favorite.  The only way I would ever part with mine would be if I could get my hands on a Gold Strike or El Dorado.  I'm pretty sure the drop targets on those pop back up after they are all knocked down so you can shoot at them again.

Here is the one I kept:  Pete's Target Alpha
Here are pictures of when I had  2 Target Alphas
Here is the one Dave has: Dave's Target Alpha

I noticed a couple of strange items on this game.  The serial number is 8888777 and it does not have the typical 2 adjustable screw lock down bar.  The picture on the left shows the type it has.  I had never seen one before.
The game also came with a couple of boxes of very old light bulbs.  I thought they were pretty cool so I am going to keep the boxes.

The old GE box showed the bulbs were made in Cleveland, Ohio.  I think all the ones we buy now are from overseas.


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