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Space Misson

spmsnpf.jpg (37262 bytes) I sold this game to my hockey friend Carl Sullivan at Christmas - 2003

I really wanted a Space Mission to go next to my Skylab and Strato-Flite.  I had them all together for a brief moment before selling the Strato-Flite.  Check out this picture of the three of them together before the sale.

I picked up this game from Robert in Chicago who I met at the 2002 Expo. 

I always wear my "Pete's Excellent Home Page" T-shirt to the auctions and Robert had visited my page so he recognized me and came over and introduced himself and his wife.

A month or two later, Robert and I managed a trade where I gave a few bucks, my Top Score and  Royal Flush.  In return, I brought home an OXO, Star Pool, and Space Mission.  It was a good trade for both of us.  My van was packed and it was a long drive home.

Dave has one of these too.  Click here to see Dave's Space Mission



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