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This game belongs to my good friend Kurt.  He lives in the western suburbs of Chicago.  He bought this game at the Pheasant Run show a couple of  years ago.   It was his first purchase and he ran up about a $60 cell phone bill talking to me about every little chicken sh-- thing you could imagine before he finally bought it.   I'm sure he made the call on his company phone, so it's not that big of a deal.

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He paid a small fortune for it, but fortunately his wife is pretty gullible and he managed to get her to believe a number less than half of what he spent.

I have to admit that for a complete butcher he has managed to do a pretty good job restoring this game.  I even learned a few things from him.  He polished up the chrome parts on a buffing wheel and it is so bright it almost hurts your eyes.  I have added a polisher to my tool room and it is now part of my standard rebuild procedure.   It is amazing what a difference the polished chrome makes.

He has two problems that he can't quite get fixed.  The worst one that effects the game play is the pop bumpers.  He has rebuilt them completely, but they still pretty much suck.  The other problem is that the GI lights are always burning up.  He is too cheap to replace the transformer, so he replaces light bulbs every other day instead.  (like I said - he is not the brightest bulb)

The saddest part of this whole story is that after all of his hard work, he is not allowed to keep the game.  His wife has threatened to cut him off if he doesn't get rid of it soon.  He told me since he needs to have something to look forward to on his birthday and Christmas (if a diamond is involved too), he is going to knuckle under and sell the machine.  Anyone who knows Kurt knows who wears the pants in that house.  He will cave.  It will be a very sad day.

Kurt is now the most hated husband in his subdivision.  Not only does he have a Playboy game for his young boys to play with, he has also managed to get several of his neighbors into the hobby.  
       First of all, he helped me sell my Dealers Choice to a neighbor.  I was nice enough to drive it all the way from Michigan and set it up.  This guys wife was so mad, that the next day he asked me to take it back.  Of course a deal is a deal and I had to say no.  I knew in the long run, his wife would fall in love with it (I hear he is still waiting).
       Next, Kurt talked his next door neighbor into buying a Bell F1 Grand Prix pinball machine to go with the Black Sheep Squadron (not working) that he already had.  I hauled this one all the way to Chicago on another trip.  Little did I know that Kurt and his Neighbor had cooked up another story about the price of the game.  I helped them get it downstairs, helped set it up, then walked up the stairs only to be confronted by the Neighbor's wife.  She asked me if I was "the one".  I figured out real quick that I was going to guilty just because I know Kurt - I think they were somehow trying to blame me.  I knew better than to admit that I had anything to do with it.  I just told her I was helping to move it and got the heck out of there.  I was afraid she was going to push me down the stairs.  If you want to see what happened to this one, CLICK HERE.  You won't believe it.  This is one of the saddest stories ever told.
       Kurt also owns a Bally Harley Davidson.  Click HERE to see that game along with some pictures of his gameroom.

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