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Dealers Choice

I have rebuilt this game from the ground up and Varathaned the playfield.

Click this link to see what the butcher did to this game before he sold it to me.

Dealers Choice Hack of the Year



Sorry my digital camera is a pile of junk. This game looks much better than these pictures.

Overall the backglass is in good shape.

Some of the reds are slightly faded - look at the Player 2, the Ace, and the 10.

The pink above the eyes has been touched up.

The inside of the back cabinet has been thoroughly cleaned and all of the contacts have been properly adjusted.

The score wheels have all been cleaned.

The playfield has been completely re-finished. I did quite a bit of touch up on the pink. Mostly very small chips. It is barely noticible. It has 6 coats of Varathane Diamond Finish (High Gloss) and plays extremely fast.

The pop bumpers have been completely rebuilt and they are very lively.

All of the plastics are in excellent shape. Very flat with no chips.

The inside of the game has been completely cleaned.

When I bought this game, the cabinet was in very bad shape. I sanded it down and re-stenciled it. As you can see, (even with my crummy digital camera) it came out great. These pictures do not do justice to how nice this game looks.

This is a picture of the side of the head after I re-stenciled it.

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pete03.jpg (1043 bytes)