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My nomination for HACK OF THE YEAR

I bought a Dealer's Choice from someone who said it wasn't working. I looked it over and saw that it was complete and in reasonable shape. He only wanted $80 and I knew I could get that for parts if I wanted to part it out. He said that shortly after he had moved the game the credit button quit working and he had been pushing the reset relay manually ever since - several years. I had a vision of him opening the game up after each game and restarting it. What an idiot I thought. I put it in the van and went home. It was there that I noticed that there were two holes in the side of the cabinet. I couldn't figure that one out until my friend Dave came over and put 2 & 2 together. Anyway, in the pictures and narrative that follows, I will try to tell his story.

Here is a link to the game after I completed my restoration:  Restored Dealers Choice after fixing the Hack of the Year

Hmmm, the red button on the front of the game doesn't start it anymore. No problem. I'm pretty smart. (but not smart enough to put credits on the credit wheel or check to see if the contacts on the credit wheel are dirty)

I will open up the game and look around.

Hey, there's a relay that says "Reset Relay". I wonder if it will reset the game if I press it manually.

By God, it does. Man, I um genius.


It sure would be a pain to open the door, take off the lock down bar, lift up the playfield and then press the reset relay after every game. What should I do?

I think I will drill a hole in the side of the game and then I will be able to stick my finger through and manually press the reset relay. That should do the trick.



the first hole that I drilled was too far towards the back of the game. I guess I'm not as smart as I thought I was.

No problem though, now I know where the right place is to drill the next hole.

YES ! That did the trick. The game is fixed. Congratulations self. I are um Genius. I kan fix pinbal machens now.

We can play all the pinball we want and we never have to worry about putting credits on the wheel or pushing the red button on the front of the game again.

If my kids want to play, I will have a slight problem. I wonder what I should do. Hmmm, I have an idea. I will just stretch their fingers a little bit. Maybe if I put their fingers in the vise, grab their ankles, and start pulling .



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