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Bally Aladdin's Castle

Six pack-a-HACKS

I bought this game from my friend Rick Glasgow.  He takes good care of me and he gave me a pretty good deal.  Click this link to see the pictures of the game.

This is not the first time I have had to deal with hacks.  Check out these links if you like to see hack jobs:
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Hack #1 - The Flipper

Check out this flipper.  It never ceases to amaze me how much trouble people will go to instead of locating the proper part.  This was my favorite hack on the game.

This guy drilled a hole through the bottom of the plastic bat through the top.  It looks like the hole was stripped in the bat.  Then he screwed it together using several nuts on the top.  Apparently he realized that the nuts were not going to look very good on the top of the bat.  Being a good thinker he found some white bathtub caulk and covered the hack job.  It took a serious collector like me to discover that the bat had been modified.  I will replace it.

We will give this guy a free pass on this one.  Why you might ask?  Well, take a look at the flipper bat.  It is obvious to me that other than a stripped hole the plastic bat had several years of good play left.  It was hardly beat up at all.  I probably would have left it but I just didn't like how the bats didn't all match.


Hack #2 -The Cord

I don't suppose it is even necessary for me to explain this picture.  Hopefully you all know that there is actually a little slot where the cord is supposed to go before the head is put on the game. 

Hack #3 - Free Game

Nice work - replacing the lock with a button to ring up some free games.  I'm sure we have all seen this a time or two.  What I would like to know is this:  If you are smart enough to rig up that switch and pick out the correct wires, how come you can't figure out that all you need to do is bend a contact or put a jumper wire on the contacts on the credit wheel?


Hack #4 -The Bottom

Doesn't this look nice? I doubt if the person who did this hack put the free game button in place of the lock.  If he did then he would have to win the hack of the year.  Since that doesn't make sense then I would like to ask the guy who put the free play button on why he didn't remove these ugly bolts and metal brackets.  There were not going to be any quarters in there to protect so they are certainly not necessary.  I guess he probably wouldn't have been able to figure out how to fix the holes in the side of the cabinet.

Hack #5 - The Fuse Holder

Give me a break.  If the fuse holder breaks, go to Radio Shack and shell out a buck to get the proper type of fuse holder.  If you can afford the game, you can afford a fuse holder.  If  you are going to use a crappy fuse holder at least do the job properly.   Don't cover the hack with a bunch of electrical tape.




Hack #6 - The Power Button

Another classy job.  At least he kept the ground wire intact.   I guess he didn't have the proper type of drill to get through the steel bar at the bottom of the game.


Bonus Hack - WTF is this ?

I'm having trouble figuring this one out.  It looks Mr. Hack decided he didn't like the way the ball was sticking in the groove when it was shot to the top of the game.  Now I can understand wanting to fix this problem.  What I don't understand is why you had to not only fill in the groove, but you also had to spread it all over the damn place including the blue paint at the top.  How the F am I supposed to get this stuff off without wrecking the top part of the playfield.  I hope someone can give me a few ideas


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