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Welcome to Pete's Excellent Leg Page !

Pete's ACL Surgery Results

Target Date for Return:  January 31st, 2003

Goals Behind as of 11/17/2002:
Hill:  5         Kappler: 9                Hein:  0 (of course)

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Please send me a Christmas Present.

What a disappointment.   All the work I did putting these pages together; I bared my soul - I mean knee.   I can't believe that I didn't receive one gift.  Don't you guys remember growing up and getting a nice present when you are sick or hurt?   I remember it took alot of the hurt away - even if it was just for a minute.  I will give you the benefit of the doubt and guess that you wanted to make sure that the gifts you purchased would be something I really wanted.  There can be no doubt now.  I have made my list and checked it twice in the left hand column.  If you want, you can consider it my Christmas present too. To make it easy, I even made the pictures hyperlinks so you can click on the picture, then buy it on your credit card and send it directly to me.  What could be easier?  Please drop me an e-mail after you choose what you are going to give me.  I really don't want to hassle with returns if I get duplicates.  I would rather just take the item off the web page and put something else there for somebody else to buy for me.    Thanks in advance !  Oh yeah, I'm sure you also are wondering how I am feeling.  I'm doing fine.   I really do think I will be better, stronger and faster.  The right column has updated pictures of my leg.  Please scroll down !   Click on any leg picture to see a video of my therapy.

I sure would like this for working on my Pinball machines !
For Pinball Repair
Click here to buy this for me on Amazon
To enjoy during therapy
If you can't decide, how about a gift certificate?
I can pick my own !
Me & Steve are Knee Brothers - Size I need is XLSteve and I are both size XL
Click to see me riding my bike !
I need protection from you morons
My old ones are worn out.
Protection from Tim Wannabees
Gotta be careful ! (size XL)
I need a new mouse
Help me surf until I return to the ice.
Even I can use the practice
To help me practice to beat Bob, Phil (and catch Hill)
Watch me workout like the 6 million dollar man

I always wanted one of these
Heat helps my knee heal.

Click these links to see videos.  They are big so be patient while they download.

Riding the bike

Stair stepper 1

Stair stepper 2

The stair stepper is my friend

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leg3ugly.jpg (4640 bytes) OUCH ! Click this link to see my on line photo albums:


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