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Welcome to Pete's Excellent Leg Page !

Pete's ACL Surgery Results

Target Date for Return:  January 31st, 2003

Don't forget to visit the Friday Knights Home Page

Goals Behind as of 11/17/2002:
Hill:  5         Kappler: 4                Hein:  0 (of course)

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Well guys, here's how it looked after two weeks.  I'm biking 5 miles a night and I have had to do physical therapy for 45 minutes per day since my diagnosis in July.   A special Thanks to Tim Vanneste for costing me 45 minutes/day for 9 months of my life not to mention that I miss hockey for 1/2 the year and $ 1,500 dollars out of my pocket. 

My sleeping is about 2-3 straight hours max.  Another big thanks to Tim.  The Motrin people are extremely happy since I am going through them like M&M's.

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So much for a career as a model when I retire from hockey.

The good news is that I will be better, stronger, faster .  .  .


I'm still tied with Rick for goals this year.  I'm confident I will pass him by January 31st at 11:15.


Unless of course he gets those new Bauer's with the PPS option . . . in this case, It might take me until 11:30.


To learn more about what Vanneste managed to do to me check out these links.  The details are slightly more gorey.  Think about this the next time you get pissed off and go after somebody.

Pretty mild, but good description -
The complete gorey details -
One more just for fun -

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After making the skin incisions, the tendon is identified, and the central third is harvested with a bone block at each end of the tendon. Initially, the tendon is removed from the tibial tubercle area. The graft is then passed beneath the skin and retrieved from the superior incision. Harvesting is completed

The Fifteen Hundred Dollar Man.

Steve Austin  Pete McDonald
A man barely alive
Gentlemen, we can rebuild him
We have the technology
We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man
Steve Austin  Pete McDonald will be that man
We can make him better than he was before
Better. Stronger. Faster

Tracking: It looks good at Mach One.
Control: Uh, Roger.
Pete: DCS arm switch is on.
Control: OK, Victor.
Pete: Landing rocket arm switch is on. Here comes the throttle. Circuit breaker's in.
Tracking: We have separation.
Pete: Roger. Inboard and outboards are on. We're comin' forward with the sidestick.
Tracking: All looks good.
Control: Uh, Roger.
Pete: I've got a blowout. Damper three.
Control: Get your pitch to zero.
Pete: Engine's out. I can't hold altitude.
Control: Correction. Alpha hold is off. Trip select is emergency.
Pete: Flightcom, I can't hold it. She's breaking up. She's break……..

Steve Austin  Pete McDonald. Hockey Player. A man barely alive.

We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was.

Better? Stronger. Faster.



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