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Welcome to Pete's Excellent Leg Page !

Pete's ACL Surgery Results

Target Date for Return:  January 31st, 2003

Goals Behind as of 11/17/2002:
Hill:  5         Kappler: 4                Hein:  0 (of course)

For the record, as of 10:59pm on November 14th, I was tied with Hill, Kappler and Hein with 0 goals for the month.

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For the graft to heal, blood vessels must grow into the reconstructed ACL. To hold the graft in place, a screw is inserted into the femoral drill hole.

Two Champions - Two Trophies - Two Injuries
Two Missions to return to lead their teams to glory - Scroll down for the details.

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Above:  The knee prior to the injury.  Looking good. Above:  Using a 90 cm by 2 cm oscillating saw blade, make a cut just beneath the guide pins from medial to lateral again under fluoroscopic control.
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Above:  The replacement part is cut out of the patellar tendon.  Ouch, that hurt like hell. Above: Using gentle valgus stress, open the osteotomy to the desired and pre-operatively determined width, to provide the correction desired.  
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Above - Thread it through the bottom drill hole, into the top drill hole.  I got screwed twice and I am now ready for rehab. Above:After the proper amount of correction has been achieved, insert two (2) Wedges into the osteotomy, leaving the distal end of the wedges flush with the medial cortical surface. Pack the area around the Wedges with bone graft harvested from the ipsilateral iliac crest or from the bone bank after mixing with the patient's blood. Pack the areas around the wedges firmly with the bone graft making sure not to disturb the position of the wedges. 
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The big question:  Who will return first - McDonald or Yzerman?  The hockey world awaits . . . . .

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