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Lapeer, Michigan

December 9, 2000

This was the worst auction I have been to yet at Lapeer. No luck for me, Dave or Carl. There was the usual amount of absolute JUNK. Lots of rusty signs, old oil cans, disgusting bubble gum machines, etc. The skeleton at the right gives you a good idea of the things people try to sell. I think he(?) went for about $170. The neon signs went for a pretty god price. Dave picked a "DARTS" one up for a pretty good price.

We saw a guy there named Steve who we bought and traded with last year for some machines. (check out the write up for the Big Indian on the Pinball Picture page). The Little Chief and Casino belonged to him. They went for fair prices.

I only wrote down the pinball prices. The auction prices to the should be taken with a grain of salt. I know for a fact that most of them were buybacks. The guy from Freeplay bought most of his stuff back. I'm sure the CD Bubbler juke, most of the video games, and the Ninja Turtle pin were his and he bought them back.

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