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Gene Cunningham's


(That young guy with hair looks a little like Gene doesn't he?)

Of couse, there has to be a page with some pictures of Mr. Cunningham! Click here to see them.
This page has several pictures taken during & before the auction started. You might see yourself on this page!
Here are some pictures of our group at the auction - Me, Dave, Don, and Carl.
4 EM's bodys, 5 heads & more in a Pontiac Montana - A record never to be broken
Pictures of the row of Wedgeheads
Picture set one of the some of the games for sale - these were some of the more collectable games.
Picture set two of the some of the games for sale
Picture set three of the some of the games for sale - the rest of my pictures.
Here are some pictures of the rifle games for sale

Did you see the XXX Dave Christensen mirrored art on the tables up front? Here are all 5 glasses

  We all had a great time.  We left early on Friday, but traffic from Detroit was awful.  I don't know how many times we were stopped dead.  I must have drank 10 Cokes on the way.  Dave and I rode in my company van and we were following Carl in his monster Ford van.  We met Don where I196 meets I94 in Michigan.  Don ended up waiting for us for almost 3 hours because we made such poor progress.

When we were within 50 miles, I got a flat tire.  That was fun.  Read about it on the Van page.  We went straight to the preview.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  After several years of auctions with very few EM's it looked like we had hit the motherload.  Price would be the only question.  We were wishing we had brought more vans or a truck.  We would have to be careful.  

Carl made arrangements for us to stay in a nice hotel.  We had a suite.  After the preview, we checked in, went to Sears to make my tire arrangements and then went out for a good dinner.   

Back to the hotel, a few beers, and a good night's sleep.  

Picked up my van in the morning and hustled over to the auction.  Made it in plenty of time.  We took lots of pictures as you can see from this website.  We were dressed up in Pete's Excellent Home Page T-shirts that I made up Thursday night.  I didn't have enough shirts to make one for Carl.  I think he was relieved, but  he won't get off the hook next time.   My T-shirt paid off when I met Mike Ostradick.  We had made a few trades, but we never met.  He found me thanks to me wearing the T-shirt.  

We all talked to Herb Silver for quite a long time.  It was just before the Dead Zone bodies were sold.  He had already got the Twin Win backbox.  I must have talked to him for 10 minutes before I realized who he was.  It was kind of fun.  Don and Herb kept talking about the Wizards and Fireballs.  They were sparring a little getting ready for the big battle.  Herb won them all, but I think it was fun for everyone.  

When it was over, both vans were full.  Don went home empty.  If we had got one more machine, we would have had to store it at Don's.  We got out of there very late and drove for 2 hours before crashing at a Motel 6.  The light was on for us.  Woke up early and drove home.  I hope we can do it again next year.  Hopefully Gene will need more space (and money!).  


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