Butler's Guide to Backyard Ice Rinks

7th Edition - 11/2008

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To the left are a couple sample pages from the guide.  The pdf version of "The Guide" that you will receive contains 38 pages of this type of high quality information.  Any prospective backyard rink builder should be able to see that this is a top quality product that can save you a lot of headaches.

Yes sir, there can be no doubt that this is the most detailed and best guide you will find anywhere on the Internet.  Did I mention that the guide also includes instructions to build your own miniature Zamboni?  My friends call mine the Chuckboni.   .

Still not sure?  Then take a look at the more detailed 'Table of Contents' shown below.  If you're still not convinced that this information is worth a measly $5.99, then by all means trudge on without this treasure trove of quality information.  But don't forget to bookmark this web page, because you'll probably want help with some of the issues you struggled with during the season.

If you are convinced, then congratulations.  You are one of the smart ones who found my site and decided that getting some advice is a wise thing before embarking on your own backyard rink adventure.   Click here to return to the main page so you can send a couple of bucks my way and I can get your pdf file of "The Guide" to you quickly by email.


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That's me on the right and Chuck on the left.  Chuck is the Manager/Owner of the Hamlin Pub Shark hockey team.  The best D- team in the history of the Rochester Onyx, and the author of the best backyard ice rink guide on the planet.

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