Butler's Guide to Backyard Ice Rinks

7th Edition - 11/2008

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Backyard ice rinks are a great way to enjoy the outdoors through the cold winter months.  A rink can be assembled easily with a few strips of wood and a roll of plastic sheeting.  But your enjoyment will increase greatly by using a few tricks of the trade.  This 38-page, illustrated, full color guide discusses everything you'll need to know to construct and maintain your backyard ice rink. 

Now in its 7th Edition.

"Butler's Guide to Backyard Ice Rinks" also contains an appendix showing the progression of the Butler rink over the years, from it's infancy at 17' x 48' to it's full glory at 32' x 68' including lighting, rounded corners, and netting behind the goals.

This guide is invaluable to all current and future backyard rink "managers".  Even if you've built a rink in the past or have purchased a rink kit, "Butler's Guide to Backyard Ice Rinks" contains many helpful tips for improving your rink and for saving time maintaining it.  You will not be disappointed.

You buy it.  I email it.  You print it, read it, and benefit from it. 

"Butler's Guide to Backyard Ice Rinks" Chapters:

1.  Frequently Asked Questions
2.  Rink Design & Lay-out
3.  Rink Construction - The Basics
4.  Rink Construction - Extra Credit
5.  Rink Maintenance
6.  Play Time
7.  After the Season
Appendix A - Butler Rink Progression

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Below is a sampling of the feedback received from the many happy customers:

  • Excellent resource, came in helpful while building our first rink! Fast ship!

  • Good guy. Good product. Some great ideas.

  • Thanks Chuck, Yes I learned a little bit. Great Book.

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  • Its very nice. I like the wood blocks on rope. Hope its a cold winter!


Dozens of copies of "Butler's Guide to Backyard Ice Rinks" have been sold to satisfied customers in the following 19 U.S. states and 6 Canadian provinces:

Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, along with Alberta, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Ontario, Saskatchewan, & Quebec


Note:  Neither Butler's Guide to Backyard Ice Rinks, nor Pete's Excellent Home page can be held responsible for any of the following:
  - lawsuits brought on by your overly uptight homeowner's association or less than kind neighbors
  - copious amounts of adulation from overjoyed neighborhood children
  - splinters from handling stacks of rink boards
  - frostbite from assembling your rink too far into the winter season
  - broken windows from poor rink site selection or poor rink orientation
  - moldy grass because you left your rink assembled too long after the ice melted
  - any injuries or deaths to animals or people
All rinks built are at your own risk.

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